The Journey is Clear Works by Yoshihiro Nishiyama

Yoshirio Nishiyama grew up surrounded by ceramics. He was born in Ehime Prefecturea region known for Tobeceramics, which his mother practiced. Like most young creatives Nishiyama was not drawn to the popular, he did not enjoy the ceramics which saturated his daily life. They were far too opaque and familiar. After first witnessing glass being blown Nishiyama’s passion was clear, he wanted to blow glass as an art form.

Leaving home and traversing Japan as a teenager Nishiyama followed his passion. He worked, apprenticed and taught in various studios across the country. Nishiyama’s pieces are about feelings, both physical and emotional. Their utilitarian functionality, simplistic forms and stunning textured surfaces emulate water which Nishiyama says, “makes you feel like you are floating on the surface of a lake.”

“Although glass is usually considered cold, in reality, it also has warmth and softness, which I try to express.” –Yoshihiro Nishyiama

Nishiyama is a highly regarded, mysterious artist with an extreme work ethic. In the tradition of master Japanese artisans, Nishiyama repeats his process methodically, manipulating his variants to generate different outcomes. His motivation is contagious to be put simply. Humble, and working in a studio surrounded by rice fields, Nishiyama finds bliss in solitude. He is an advocate for his medium and is responsible for connecting Roman and Williams Guild with his contemporary, artist Yuki Osako. He is quoted as being most proud of his ability to work and describes his biggest fear in life as not being able to blow glass. He is inspired by the handmade and craft of humans, items that help us understand our own humanity and share this connection.

Roman and William’s Guild also champions the handmade, the craft, and the cannon of each medium. We are proud to share a special collection of these one of a kind, hand blown forms. Yoshihiro Nishiyama’s bottles and glasses are the convergence of the hand and soul. His pieces are the result of his mastery within his restricted method, Katabuki 型吹き. Kata meaning mold and Buki (Fuki) meaning blow, this technique utilizes both the hand and the body. Nishiyama manipulates the temperature of the process by allowing the molten glass to slightly cool and heating his physical mold. By blowing down into the mold Nishiyama lets gravity pull molten glass to the lowest point, creating a thick base. The resulting surface of the object is rippled with nonpareil linear textures and patterns. Nishiyama’s outcome is an item with a heavy foundation, geometric shape, and an orbed inside, clearly highlighting the breath infused into each piece.

Yoshirio Nishiyama’s limited collection featured in Summer of Glass can only be obtained through RW Guild. These exceptional pieces are Best Sellers and part of our Special Collections series. Tactile, functional and distinctive, these perfectly imperfect handmade items let light dance across the surfaces where they are placed. Reminding us of our humanity and the craft of others.

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