Symbolism courses through the veins of Vedran Jakšić’s pieces. All of which are hand chiseled from wood, a material Jakšić came to know as utilitarian and now sees as a medium. Both have experienced a metamorphosis.


Vedran Jakšić’s, geometric sculptures function as monuments to the trees from which they are carved. His large-scale works have been commissioned by religious organizations, the Croatian government, Roman and Williams Guild, and many others. These forms highlight each individual etch made by Jakšić’s chisels. Textured surfaces juxtaposed with smooth, show a mastery of his skill.

wood is the material of the earth and our human existence

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The hand and eye video series
Vedran Jakšić
  • SHOT & EDITED BY Adrian Gaut
  • Produced BY Roman and Williams Guild New York

Jakšić began carving small abstract sculptures when he was fourteen years old, using cordwoods which were intended for his grandmother’ firewood. His hobby quickly became his passion and Jakšić was deemed one of the most celebrated wood carvers in Croatia.


His pieces which are influenced by the energy of the earth, trees, and nature, represent a deep appreciation for the world around him. Geometric totems, thrones, lamps and furniture are all expressed in Jakšić’s collection, as are the incredible abilities of wood. Jakšić’s physical muscle is seen contrasted in the form of small individual etch marks, and smooth, solid surfaces. The act of the hand and the chisel allows the soul of the artist and tree to merge via texture, shape, and scale.

Collaboratively working with Roman and Williams Original Designs, Vedran Jakšić brings founder Stephen Alesch’s impeccably sketched Chambeyronia Macrorpa to life, on the elaborately hand carved Teneresque. An obsession of where furniture and sculpture meet brought to fruition by craft and friendship. Jakšić’s abstract sculptures and functional lamps add a textural counterpoint that warms every space.

These one of a kind, handmade, works which are exclusively available through Roman and Williams Guild feature sculptures that center your space, lighting fixtures, and furniture pieces. The hand of the carver is seen in each form, radiating silent growth, adaptation, and change.


Feel the world around you and grow beyond your ability with the inclusion of a Vedran Jakšić object.