Mariko Ijuin Apple Hot Dessert Recipe

Mariko Ijuin: Hot Apple Dessert Recipe

Dessert for your donabe

Butter 30g (2 tbs)
Sugar 30g (4 tsp)
Flour 30-50g (1/4 cup)
Apple 2 (preferably sour kind)
Lemon juice

How to:
1- Apply butter on the bottom of the donate
2- Peel apples and cut them into small pieces
3- Cut raisins into smaller pieces and sprinkle rum on top – set aside
4- Mix butter, flour, and sugar in a bowl. Mix until the batch becomes crumbs.
5- On top of the buttered donate bottom, spread 2-apples (sprinkle lemon juice if apples are not sour kind), 3-raisins and cinnamon no top, and then 4-crumbs.
6- Bake at 450 degrees for 35 minutes.

Mariko Ijuin’s art has a serious voltage.  From Kanagawa, Japan, Ijuin has practiced the art of ceramics for over 40 years, utilizing white and platinum glazes. She’s exhibited extensively throughout Japan, taking her original education in architecture as a thread of inspiration to her practice. As builders ourselves, we can see the correlation. “Ceramics are like a performance stage for cooking and food,” says Ijuin, “they are objects that receive the earth, and that celebrate life.” Ijuin believes we receive energy from the objects we use every day. Ijuin crafts her ceramic works without tools, seeking to channel her energy to its future owner through the use of her fingertips – an arduous, thoughtful approach.