Chef Marie-Aude Rose: DoDonabe Vegetable Soup

Chef Marie-Aude Rose:
Vegetable Soup

Serves 6 – 8 people.

400 g turnips

1.4 kg celeriac

1 kg fennel

300 g carrots

1.6 kg  leeks

¼ bunch thyme

2 banches rosemary

5 parsley stems

12 g ginger

2 ea heads garlic

100 g shallots

120 g celery

140 g onions

100g large red beets

2 g organic orange zest/ 2 g organic lemon zest

1 g juniper berries

1 g coriander seeds

1 g cardamom seeds

1 g whole allspice berries

4 L water

10g kombu

Sea salt

Bring all spices and zests in a cheese cloth, tie it well.

Tie thyme, parsley stems and rosemary to 2 pieces of green leek leaves.

Cover all peeled and cleaned vegetables and spices with the water in a large pot.

Bring to a boil, let it boil for 45 minutes and take away from fire. Let the vegetables infuse the liquid for 2 hours.

Strain and reduce ⅔ until you obtain 3. Infuse kombu for 10 minutes in warm liquid.

Season with sea salt to your taste.



(6 people)

300g baby red beets (20g per plate when cooked)

300g baby golden beets (same)

300g baby turnips (same)

300g carrots (same)

100g spring onions

600g brussel sprouts (pick only the nice very green leaves/ 5 leaves per plate)

5 ea Chiogga Beet profile shaves

¼ ea bunch Dill

¼ ea bunch Chervil

¼ ea bunch Mint

150 g Horseradish

1 ea Lemon

20 ml Olive oil (a very good one)

Tt Fine sea salt

Tt Black pepper

20g crème fraîche served on the side/ person

Peel, clean all vegetables. Cut them into diamonds or wedges, all pieces should be about 1”x1/2” size.

Cook all root vegetables separately in very little water, a little salt, a pinch of sugar until they are cooked (soft but still a little firm).

Blanch the brussel sprouts leaves in salted boiling water for 1minute then cool them down in iced water.

In a hot pan with no fat place the spring onions cut in 2 as to grill the inside.

Gather all vegetables ( except spring onions and brussel leaves ) into the broth to reheat them, adjust seasoning. Keep hot until plating.

In a mixing bowl place the brussel leaves with the spring onions and season them with salt, lemon juice and olive oil.

In a large bowl or japanese donabe, pour the broth with the vegetables, top with brussel leaves and onions. Finish with a few leaves of each herb.

Serve with a side of crème fraiche covered in horseradish shaved with a microplane.

Drizzle a little olive oil over the broth.